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The Shining: Trading Cards

I wish they had made trading cards for The Shining. Since they didn't, I made my own. This is the first in the series, with more to come soon!


You need to make about 50 more of these before I'll be satisfied. Well, at least a dozen. C'mon already!

Yep, got a bunch more planned - will try to put them together soon!

I will buy 237 boxes of these if you actually produce them. With gum.

that's the dream - to someday bring these into physical form! ideally, using the same printing method and materials that would have been used at the time. and including hard, chalky sticks of gum - naturally.

Please make more of these! If they existed, I would buy them all.

I like the line you picked. Something you would always get doubles in packs never the money shot but always the second unit stuff or weirdly done "making of " cards.

The next card should be some highlights from the rangers station chat. "Boy this is some storm"

Yes! Before making this card, I was going through my huge stack of Return of the Jedi trading cards and noticing all of these weird tangents that they would take, often pointing out things completely unrelated to the main plot; indeed I have LOTS of doubles of those. The "making of" cards were also something that was common with the original Star Wars trading cards, showing how the blue screen process worked or whatever; seems like they didn't do that as much for Empire Strikes Back or Jedi.

Funny that you should mention the ranger station scene, because I have a card planned that relates to that! Hopefully, I'll have a chance to put that together soon...

How about a card of Danny playing with his cars on the carpet?

Great detail on these cards.

glad you're enjoying them - I'll try to get out some more soon.

Dude you HAVE to do the one where Danny is kind of puking cause of the shine. Another fav would be the one whole day where jack stares moronically at the camera. Can we get an idea what cards you are working on? Will there be backs too! They made some real bad cards when I was a kid and I could not figure out why there were Mork and Mindy cards WTF right?

oh man - that's a great idea! I love that scene. Almost as disturbing as this one. I'm not sure which card I'll do next, but I do have ideas for the next few. i have thought about card backs, but that would probably work better with physical cards; I would definitely go the "picture tile" route, rather than having a scene synopsis.

I've never seen the Mork & Mindy cards - wow! truth be told, I have an unopened pack of Cyndi Lauper trading cards that I've been saving...

Hope there's a "They turned out to be completely unreliable assholes" card in the offing.

not a bad idea - thanks!

This is really cool.Can I post this on my Facebook page?

you should definitely post these on your Facebook page : ) glad you're enjoying them and hopefully I'll be able to make more soon!