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The Shining: Trading Card #242

Here's number three in my ongoing series of trading cards for The Shining. You can see all of them on this page.

A short note about the card's title: the vehicle shown in the still is actually a Snow-Trac (manufactured by AB Westeråsmaskiner in Sweden), and not a Sno-Cat (manufactured by Tucker Sno-Cat Corporation in nearby Medford, Oregon), which is how Stuart Ullman refers to the vehicle in the film. Tucker is still in business and is responsible for the term "snowcat" becoming eponymous with a large vehicle that travels through the snow. Another Sno-Cat competitor, a Thiokol Imp, is also shown in a later scene in which Hallorann attempts to rescue Wendy and Danny from The Overlook.


It's strange, but Morton-Thiokol is headquartered in Brigham City, UT, which is near Logan (where I grew up). So I've lived near two of the main "snowcat" manufacturers! Now I just have to move to Sweden for a short while and I'll have em all covered...

I believe that Thiokol later went into the rocket business with NASA, right? And also sold off some of their business to John DeLorean. I think I remember you saying that the DeLorean DMC-12 was manufactured in Logan, UT too?

right on both counts - the DMC factory was about a mile from my house! And once I took a scouting trip to the Thiokol testing grounds to see them test-fire a booster rocket from the space shuttle! It was super awesome and super loud. On the way home my friend Tom convinced his dad (who was the assistant scout master and driver that day) to let us listen to the Violent Femmes! Good times.

are you making any more of these? i'd totally pay solid $$ for a 10 or 15 card set...

yes, I'll definitely be making more of them - I'll have at least one in October, possibly more. it would be awesome to get these printed at some point, but for now they're just images. glad you're enjoying them!

This are fantastic! This is exactly the kind of bland shot that so many of my movie trading cards (usually the swaps) had.

Keep up the good work!

Thanks Graham! It was also a chance to do a "vehicle card", which were so plentiful in the Star Wars packs. Stay tuned for more!