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eighties horror you might have missed

The Burning (1981)

The overall feel of The Burning is similar to Sleepaway Camp, but with a little bit more of a budget (and without the shocking ending). Tom Savini provides some good gore and is credited as "Horror Sequence Designer". I really like the vaselined lens they used for the killer's POV, as well as the red screen that is sometimes used to intercut two scenes. Rick Wakeman's synth score is simple, but effective, with some pretty great moments. Interestingly, he uses two techniques that I have always associated with John Carpenter's scores: a heartbeat-like bass pulse (most noticeable in The Thing) and what I'll call a "descending pitch stab". Another Carpenter parallel can be seen in the poster for The Burning (artist unknown), which shows rays of light emitting from (and obscuring) the killer's face. The poster for The Thing (created by Drew Struzan one year later) uses a similar effect. The Burning was the first film for Jason Alexander, Holly Hunter and Fisher Stevens, and some other familiar faces. It looks like this film was the first Miramax movie to be released by the legendary brothers Bob & Harvey Weinstein; not only were they producers on this film, they also wrote the story and screenplay. Thanks to Jen C. for bringing this one to my attention.