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Hi there! To celebrate Man Is The Warmest Place To Hide's first Halloween, we're having a little contest. It will go from now until October 24th. The winner will get a copy of the just-released Halloween II Collector's Edition Blu-ray (which is packed with new special features and two different cuts of the film - more info here). Here's how it works:

aka Death Dorm
aka Pranks
I love the setup for this one: a small group of college students are in charge of clearing out a dorm building over a holiday, so that it can be decommissioned - reminds me of Intruder a little bit. Apparently the film was made under similar conditions, with the directors filming in their old dorm buildings at USC during...

If you're at all a fan of the Evil Dead trilogy, then you need to see Intruder. It's directed by Scott Spiegel, and was made shortly after he co-wrote Evil Dead II with Sam Raimi. Sam and his brother Ted both appear in the film, as does Bruce Campbell, although it's more of a cameo. The entire film takes place...